Key findings

  • Uses AirDrop quite a bit and likes that it is really quick and you can just drop in the files. It is real easy and don’t have to worry where things go.
  • Often times uses the share option in Google Photos album or that can connect to that user and they accept the connection
  • When accepting invites, nothing is really private anymore
  • She likes that there can be closed off sections with files sharing
  • Downloads a lot of the music because can use without wifi which is a concern. This is especially the case if have to worry about network usage and data limits.
  • Has duplicate photos all over DropBox and Google Photos so they are backed up everywhere. This is good and bad.
  • When sharing, looks for signal and how long it might take to send a file and always checks the sending or sharing. Doesn’t want to send and it to drop off
  • Don’t do anything once battery 20%, will just wait
  • Understands that P2P is like Skype and it’s all computer networking
  • Didn’t realise when sharing through Google (Drive) that anything shared online like photo that was shared would have your email all of your details like your birthday. Google have a thing where you can personalise what other people see when you share with your email account
  • Is concerned with how protected is as the sender or sharer of a file
  • Would like more controls, not necessarily anonymity for sharing with your network
Last modified 2yr ago
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