Key findings

  • Uses Drive a lot for work but doesn’t like it, as it’s not well organised. There seems to be lots of files everywhere and its chaotic how anyone can edit them. There might be a better way but not sure how.
  • People use Drive like there’s one file for your whole computer
  • Uses Dropbox if has to share lots of files. Says it’s fine but not a huge fan because would be better option you send a picture and add or annotate, make it personalised. Otherwise cloud services don’t allow you to comment or react.
  • Dropbox links only work for a certain amount of time and always stressed about it. It should download by itself. Couldn’t figure easy way to download and had to click each to save and annoying.
  • Uses torrents on Polish paid site (Chomikuj) where people upload books and other things in Polish (ex $1 for PDF) and is not membership but pay for space takes up and download with torrent
  • Definitely checks battery life and wifi when sharing on phone and would just wait if didn’t have wifi until safe
  • Make sure synced after things uploaded, people can and might have to modify it, so might even call someone to make sure it is up
  • People don’t respond so not sure access or not when things are shared
  • Should make any future service simple and better organised
Last modified 2yr ago
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