Status - Private, Secure Communication
Status is a private and secure communication tool. Chat with friends, store crypto and explore the future of the web without being exploited for your data.
With Status, you alone control your information.
Status chat is peer-to-peer. Not only is your message content protected, but so is your metadata. The ultimate in privacy protection from a messenger.
Store digital assets in your Status wallet. Send and request tokens from friends, or transact with decentralized applications.
Access Ethereum based applications on web3. Play games, exchange digital assets and more.


As most messaging and transactional apps involving accounts, Status has a three-screen onboarding intro explaining to the user in a concise and uncomplicated manner what they will be doing in signing up and using the app.
As this uses blockchain technologies, there keys meaning the user needs to be then aware of this to access their account.
The user needs to choose a chat name which it will default to. This can be changed later.
Recovering keys is a long process for most non-blockchain users where they need to enter in a seed phrase which is a string of 12 or more words.
Typical welcome screen showing setup is done.


The main navigation features the main modes of Status (Chat, Browser, Wallet and Profile), the first of which is the Chat.
Whisper uses peer-to-peer dark routing–making it impossible for anyone (including us) to know anything about you or who you're communicating with. We plan to improve Whisper with a fork of the protocol called Waku which is being developed by the Vac team.
Inviting people to chat is not a typical process. The user can not discover other users. They need to have an invite sent to them or sent one to others.
To start a secure P2P message, or join a conversation, the user needs to choose which they want to do through the pull-up shelf options. If joining a public chat, they have several rooms that they can choose from. The user can also start a new room with by typing the name into the text field.
The chat screen is typical of any chat program and follows the same interaction patterns and conventions, along with the ability to add stickers to the chat thread.
There are a couple additional non-typical chat features, namely being able to delete and fetch.


The Status browser allows the user to use decentralised applications (dApps) which allows transactions to happen natively within the browser.
An account for the crypto currency transactions needs to be enabled.
The signing phrase adds an additional level of security when using the wallet within the dApp browser.
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