Key findings

Perceptions and Adoption

  • Users might know of P2P, but don't want to be aware that they are using it
  • Many developers believe battery life and signal to be vital to end-users
  • Developers have encountered difficulty in growing P2P user bases
  • Offline-first is a trend that is important but difficult to push forward
  • Identity is essential to both users and developers but is hard to explain and develop for

Data and sharing

  • Developers assume P2P is useful for users concerned about privacy and security
  • Developers believe users should have data silos and not have their data trapped in application silos
  • Dropbox and AirDrop are the gold standard for file sharing
  • Status and notifications are an area that requires much consideration



Actively developing on IPFS
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Developer working on P2P and blockchain software
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Actively developing on IPFS
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Software developer working on P2P and offline-first technologies for the public sector
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Developer and researcher working on P2P technology
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