Key findings

  • Uses torrents both from laptop and phone (uTorrent, TorrDroid) and sometimes uses an online, but never looks at the bandwidth but looks at battery since doesn’t want to cut out during download
  • Has CV and other docs and eBooks on Drive and shares that way but never sets permissions because doesn’t share publicly, usually just one person
  • Doesn’t Dropbox on phone, only Drive to share certain things such as through Google Photos which disables when out
  • Watch wifi and battery if file doesn’t seem to be sharing how supposed to
  • Generally shares with the person next to him or talking to so just asks if synced
  • Make every effort to be safe and uses VPNs and strong passwords
  • Generally privacy really important or supposed to be but they can steal things but they would just be taking music he downloaded and has no money to steal
  • Uses Chrome mobile for certain sites and services, has FF just in case, and uses UC browser which downloads fasters as well as Opera which loads lots of pages fasters
  • Shares with PushBullet and FF like links and pictures to self but not much to others
Last modified 2yr ago
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