Key findings

  • Organisation and management of files very important and while sharing and hates when files are all over, and tries to be as organised with folder as possible by project and related
  • Don’t check anything like battery, bandwidth or space on phone while sharing or using cloud services but checked battery before when had iPhone 10 but now uses phone with big capacity so not a big deal
  • Synching concerns him and really can’t trust a connection sometimes especially with big files and has gone back and things weren’t synced
  • Shares links with self and friend to test links and access a lot of times
  • There is no place in these apps to try to manually action push to make sure
  • Now makes copy of things in iCloud which think works bit better than GSuite
  • Shares photos/videos through AirDrop if together with people because its fast and no quality loss - but if not together through iOS Messages if don’t care about quality
  • Likes AirDrop most because of how easy to use, if have 40 photos can send less than a minute to other devices
  • Sometimes people aren’t configured properly with AirDrop which is annoying
  • Pretty easy with privacy with online things and not strong passwords or setting social to private - understand the risks vs the gains
  • Torrented music, LimeWire - just remembers that was slow at first but when more and more people joined started to get faster and faster
Last modified 2yr ago
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