Early Adopters

Key findings

Interface and Interaction

  • Notifications should not be overwhelming when letting the user know what is going on
  • Managing files and structure is essential to the user
  • Syncing via cloud services and sending messages notifications are very important

Data and security

  • Single Sign-On is a good thing but how to manage it and be secure is not a simple thing
  • Desktop torrent use in the past was widespread, but in general, P2P is not used anymore
  • File security and backup is paramount, but it is less important who has the final file
  • Cloud services like Google products are easy to use but not trusted
  • Identity management is difficult even for advanced users
  • Privacy and security is crucial but how to manage it is challenging, varied and often put off till later



Mobile app designer and power user
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Technical writer for decentralisation and Open Source Software
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Product lead on health data applications
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Academic interested in and lecturing on media and blockchain
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Visualisation, data and graphic designer working in offline-first contexts
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Interaction designer working in blockchain and decentralised finance
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Policy centred on social change and data
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Technical architect and software developer
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Financier in tech startups
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Product and product marketing for crypto exchange
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