Key findings

  • People send music files sometimes with Huawei Share app. Huawei Share to other Huawei phones lots of people have them in his family and share that way because they don’t have wifi at home. Doesn’t like it much because friends don’t have Huawei phones.
  • Doesn’t really check battery for anything
  • Top up extra 5GB for data so not bothered with, and they have good coverage in Nairobi and doesn’t worry about signal
  • Don’t really worried about privacy feel like Kenya not online banking - there is nothing to steal and nothing to fear
  • Always check upload/sync as is concerned with having things backed up. Last year had Xiaomi phone which sold to friend and everything was still online and was very good because was still there if he needed it
  • There should be able to import from all other accounts and have in one central place
Last modified 2yr ago
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