Interviews started with the Experts cohort. All of these people have or had direct experience with IPFS or with similar P2P technologies. All had a great deal of technical knowledge and interesting insights into key niche applications such as offline-first in emerging markets development.
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Early Adopters

The Early Adopters cohort all worked in fields adjacent to P2P, for instance in blockchain, decentralisation, research, data privacy and security, and provided particularly poignant views and perspective on developing technologies and how to bring them to users.
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Potential Users

Potential Users were all smartphone users specifically recruited as not having any specialist knowledge or work experience in the tech and software fields and being spread geographically. All had at least some knowledge or passing familiarity with P2P and cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. The Potential Users cohort were non-technical users interested in better file sharing solutions that would work better for everyone.
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