Mobile Survey Review

The first part of this survey review is an examination of mobile browsers and is intended to look at potential uses of the browser on mobile devices for IPFS. Following the browser survey is the Mobile Application Survey which is a review of a wide range of mobile applications, both native apps and mobile web apps, which all use P2P as the network transport.

Kick-off Workshop

An expert/stakeholder workshop was conducted in to help focus the recruiting of expert, early adopter and potential user interviews as well as to prioritise the problem space in relevant technology and possible solutions.

Research Interviews


Research interviews were split between three cohorts, Experts, Early Adopters and Potential Users. Experts are people who’ve worked on IPFS or similar technologies and have a great deal of technical knowledge and top-level insights and experience in developing P2P technologies for users.
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Early Adopters

Early Adopters were the second cohort and were interviewed to understand in which directions the adoption of IPFS on mobile could or should go. Working in related fields such as blockchain, decentralisation, research, data privacy and security, they were uniquely positioned to give educated opinions and foresight in how to translate the knowledge and developments of experts into what might work for users.
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Potential Users

Finally, we spoke with Potential Users, mobile phone users recruited for having a smart phone, P2P and cloud services knowledge or experience, and spread between varying geographies and demographics. These users will help guide the design phase of the Mobile Design Guidelines and the design of features, patterns and standards to enable P2P and IPFS to gain widespread acceptance and adoption.
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